Custom Media: The New Marketing Strategy That's Been Around for Centuries

For the last decade,the terms"content marketing"和“定制的媒体”营销人员中已经变得如此普遍,that a"内容部门”is now a staple on more and more corporate organizational charts.But as we describe in the new Ebook,,法国媒体williamhill固定赔率指南B2B定制的媒体与内容营销,"while the terms ‘custom media' and ‘content marketing' are new additions to the marketing lexicon,公司的历史创造媒体与客户直接沟通,supporters or members dates back centuries.""

例如,in 1732,本杰明·富兰克林发布Poor Richard's Almanackas custom media,a free publication he used to promote his printing business.

Business-to-business marketers were also early users of direct-to-customer marketing.

在1895年,约翰迪尔推出The Furrow,a magazine it distributed to farmers through its dealer network.It is still published today.

In 1899,默克制药公司首次出版The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapyto serve as both a medical textbook and marketing tool to help Merck reach its marketplace of doctors and pharmacists.The Merck Manualis still published in many forms,线上还是线下,,是最古老的连续发表英文医学教科书。

In 1900,米其林轮胎公司开始出版Michelin Guideto provide travel tips and accommodation reviews for drivers of those horseless carriages just hitting the road.TheMichelin Guidestill published today.

There are hundreds of such examples that display how,throughout the history of mass media,content marketing has helped companies build deep relationships with their customers.

Of course,the advent of the internet and digital media has meant that this tried-and-true form of marketing can be adapted in dozens of new ways.Building on a foundation that is over a century old,营销人员可以使用的内容会让,请,early marketers like Ben Franklin.

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